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Individual Benefits Plans

Are you employed but don’t have benefits through your employer? Are you a recent university graduate who has not yet landed a job? Are you in-between jobs? These are just a few of the questions we’ll discuss together if you are considering an individual benefits plan.

At PEB, we’ll help identify your circumstances and choose the plan that fits best to your current place in life. We partner with leaders in the insurance industry, and our wide network of contacts gives us an advantage in customizing products and services to meet your needs.

Conversion Plans

Conversion Plans allow you to automatically go from a pre-existing group plan into an individual plan without having to fill in a medical questionnaire. Put your mind at ease because this plan will get you and your family covered. Conversion Plans are a good choice for people with pre-existing health conditions who are in between jobs and coming out of a group plan, or those leaving a current group plan due to retirement.

PBC Links for Individual Plans

Design a plan to meet your coverage needs
  • People without coverage through work
  • Comprehensive and affordable coverage
  • Simple, one-time health questionnaire

Automatic approval with no medical questionnaire required

  • People with pre-existing conditions
  • Four tiers to choose from—the most flexible plan design available
  • Virtual care and mental health support included
  • Instant coverage for most benefits

Affordable coverage when all you need is dental insurance

  • Only need coverage for dental
  • Increasing coverage over time
  • The only plan like it available

Uninterrupted coverage when leaving an employer-sponsored group plan

  • Leaving employer-paid benefit plan
  • Overage dependents losing coverage
  • No medical questionnaire
  • No waiting period for claims

Flexible retirement health plans with the most coverage

  • Retiring from an employer-paid plan
  • The most coverage for British Columbians
  • Flexibility to adjust your coverage
  • Guaranteed acceptance