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Administrative Services

As a full service brokerage and Third Party Administrator, we customize your benefits plans, and perform rapid in-house claims adjudication. 

Given that some insurance companies are more specialized in certain insurance plans than others, Pacific Employee Benefits seeks to find the best product offerings for you. We partner with leader insurance companies to put in place plans that respond to the individual needs of your business and your people. We are your point of contact for every health insurance claim, and we streamline the administrative work. We are the central point of interaction between you and the insurance companies. We are the billing agent that receives the cheque from you, and distributes the money to different insurance companies involved in your plans. This is our main line of business.

Some of you have your own benefits administrators who are in charge of the administrative work associated with benefits plans. Pacific Employee Benefits provides additional services to your benefits people through continuous communication, training, and liaising. This ensures smooth management of benefits plans, and helps you keep track of your health care costs.

If you do not have the resources to do the administration work, don’t fret.

We take care of the administration of your benefits plans for you.

We assist your employees in making smart decisions about their health benefits and Capital Accumulation Plans (CAP).  Nowadays, CAPs work under defined contributions and employees are responsible for picking their investment options out of a predetermined suite of investments. Many people are not familiar with the investment world. It can be overwhelming for them to make investment decisions, or figure out how to access their capital when they need it most. We respond to your people’s needs by providing investment counselling. We guide them in the quest to maximize their benefits, and ensure their wellbeing, from emergencies through the long term.  

Talk to our advisors and let us know how we can help you and your people. 

Administrative Services Only Contract

ASO Contracts provide group benefits. The difference between ASO Contracts and Group Life, Health and Dental Plans lies in the funding mechanism. 

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